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Abigail Rodgers Sees Sustainability As a Corporate Leadership Beacon

By |2012-02-03T17:50:40-04:00February 3rd, 2012|Cause/Social Marketing, Sustainability Change Agents, SustyBizForum|

While Abigail Rodgers, VP of Global Sustainability Strategy and Communication for The Coca Cola Company, had a lot of great insight to share in my latest SustainableBusinessForum piece, her idea that sustainability serves as a corporate leadership beacon my have been the most important.  If they are looking for it, I'd guess that many a [...]

Outdoor Afro: Social Media and the Sustainable Business

By |2012-01-23T16:24:27-04:00January 23rd, 2012|Sustainability Change Agents, SustyBizForum|

My most recent SustainableBusinessForum piece takes a look at Outdoor Afro, the thriving social-media savvy business launched by Rue Mapp.  This business, which emerged from Rue's personal passion, is now powerfully connecting African Americans with nature - and with each other - and is poised to do so much more. Here's an excerpt: As the [...]

Better CSR Comes from More Relational Traits

By |2012-01-09T14:03:18-04:00January 9th, 2012|SustyBizForum|

In Part 2 of my SustainableBusinessForum piece, More Women, Better CSR, I point out that what women bring to the corporate leadership "table" is practice and comfort using their relational traits.  I see huge potential in recognizing that and developing strategies for nurturing - in everyone - the types of thinking that emphasize (and reward!) [...]

More Women, Better CSR?

By |2011-12-14T20:14:30-04:00December 14th, 2011|SustyBizForum|

If yours is a business striving to become more sustainable, one of the systems worth review is the strength and resiliency of your human capital.  That more women at executive and Board levels will help make an organization more adaptable through challenging times should be common sense.  This is perhaps even more true in tending [...]

Studying Up on Women and Sustainable Business

By |2011-11-07T13:22:26-04:00November 7th, 2011|Brain Science, Socio, Anthro, Cause/Social Marketing, SustyBizForum|

I'm excited to share that I have just launched a regular column on women and sustainable business for the SustainableBusinessForum.  The introductory piece is simply a call to study up on women.  I don't suggest this solely because women are likely to be a crucial consumer market for your company, but because understanding how they [...]