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Why The C-Suite Needs a Chief Sustainability Officer

By |2014-11-18T13:41:33-04:00November 18th, 2014|Huffington Post Contribution, Sustainability & CSR|

Does your corporation intend to be in business in another 100 years? Adding a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) to your C-Suite may make the difference. But do enough CEOs understand the sustainability role and why it matters? It's not clear. A new report from The Weinreb Group, CSO Backstory II: The Evolution of the Chief [...]

Corporate Responsibility: Driven by Values-Based Leadership

By |2013-08-29T19:44:44-04:00November 9th, 2012|CSR, Huffington Post Contribution, Sustainability & CSR|

If corporations want to find, nurture and keep the leaders who will drive more responsible business practices, they must focus in on something new and non-linear: values-based thinking. Their perfect recruits will be individuals who are less willing to drop at the office door the values they so comfortably use to navigate their personal lives. [...]

Game-changers for Sustainable Business Education? Coursera and edX

By |2013-08-29T19:42:24-04:00May 11th, 2012|Huffington Post Contribution, Sustainability - Plain Sight, Sustainability & CSR, Sustainability Change Agents|

We are living in history-making times.  Thanks to "edtech" partnerships like Coursera and edX, free, world-class university courses in a wide range of topics are now offered online.  And, the potential for educating people in the ways of more sustainable business thinking (among many other topics) - and for students at any level - is [...]

Sustainability Thought Leadership: Shift or Show?

By |2011-09-15T14:59:33-04:00September 15th, 2011|Brain Science, Socio, Anthro, Huffington Post Contribution, Sustainability Change Agents|

Photo by Robert J. Pennington, courtesy Originally published in The Huffington Post, September 13, 2011 What if your thought leadership got you very little recognition today but contributed to an incredibly significant cultural shift that made a positive difference for generations to come? It is an interesting question at a time when business leadership [...]

Could Sustainability Finally “De-Gender” Business?

By |2011-01-05T17:09:13-04:00January 5th, 2011|Brain Science, Socio, Anthro, Huffington Post Contribution|

If you were ever knee deep in research about traditional business leadership traits and sustainability leadership, like I am due to my Master's thesis work, you'd see the very clear connection between the two.  Being a forward or future-oriented thinker, and being able to see issues as interconnected, in a more holistic manner, are two [...]

VPR Commentary (and HuffPost): Seeing Through A New Lens

By |2010-06-01T13:33:38-04:00June 1st, 2010|Cause/Social Marketing, Huffington Post Contribution, Video & Audio|

If you follow me on Twitter,  you could likely tell I was pretty excited about being able to attend the University of Michigan's (my alma mater!) commencement in early May, where President Obama spoke.  It was an incredible experience, and I left inspired to think differently and to see life through a new, more socially [...]

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