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Climate Influence Advising

Catalyze your climate leadership by understanding why and how to be more visible – with peers, media, and more.

Executives feel confident in their ability to ensure high quality standards for products and services (92%), but less than half feel equipped to lead in areas such as political and social issues (49%), geopolitical issues (47%) and climate change (45%).

Most leaders don’t use their influence and social capital for climate impact. They are uncomfortable with the idea, don’t know how, or don’t prioritize it.

Not you! Own your voice and potential – become a pioneer in building social capital and changing the social norm for climate leadership in your sector.

Here’s how.

Right Sized Consulting

Get 30,000 foot climate leadership clarity and vision as you need it.

  • Every client starts by working on a short call with me.
  • Each call is power-packed with highly targeted insights and strategies, as well as a few tactics.
  • By the end of the call, your notes will be full of action items that will up your climate leadership visibility immediately.
  • One call can be enough to get you moving toward your goals, but we can build a custom approach from there – with occasional one-hour sessions, or a monthly package.
  • In all cases, the understanding, networks, and insights I’ve built over my 15+ years in this space become your resource.

Here are examples of what we can accomplish in a single session:

Make the most out of podcasts as a tool for climate leadership. Get advice on questions such as:

  • Should you focus on being a podcast guest? How do you target and approach the right ones?
  • Should you create your own podcast?
  • Is podcast branding / sponsorship a better way to reach your preferred high-value audience?
  • What is the current landscape for climate leadership podcasts?
  • How can you promote your podcast better?

You’ll receive deep strategic insights to help you navigate channel and positioning challenges, like:

  • Which platforms are worth the time and effort?
  • Why consider building your individual leadership platform in addition to your organization’s brand platform?
  • How do you use content and social media to build buzz and garner media attention around big news or major events?

See the long game. Learn how to build trust and credibility with media outlets to increase your visibility and influence. Understand the benefits of being a trusted media resource, and how that leads to being a trusted source.

Discover how to leverage events to maximize your climate impact. Make smarter decisions about hosting versus riding the coattails of events. Discover how to create intimate side gatherings to build meaningful impact partnerships and sponsorships.

If your team is looking to partner with the many annual climate and sustainability events, or you are looking to bridge your work to a broader climate and sustainability audience, I am your guide for event prioritization, innovative partnership arrangements, and all else that will reflect a finger-on-the-pulse climate trend awareness.

Results You'll See

  • Bridge your name and insight to the climate and innovation news of the day
  • Lay long-term relationship groundwork with influential journalists
  • Elevate your organization through living your climate-driven personal values
  • Ensure you become visible among *your* sector’s key influencers
  • Bridge your visibility to secondary leadership spaces with wide open opportunities
  • Reap benefits and rewards you didn’t even know to ask for

I had been reticent to use social media aggressively and through a combination of direct support and coaching I was able to increase my presence in a big way and see results within DAYS.

– Catherine Atkin, Director, Carbon Accountable

Andrea is a magic climate impact maker!! She and I began working together as I headed into the big push to pass a first in the nation corporate GHG disclosure law and needed to get my voice and visibility to the next level. During the first call – with her awesome combination of passion, humor and smarts – she helped me articulate my ‘why’ and identify a set of practical tools and doable next steps for me to start taking THAT day.

– Catherine Atkin, Director, Carbon Accountable

I was familiar with Andrea’s take, networks and expertise, but did not know the full effect until I hired her for our first one-hour advising session. She very quickly understood the speaking opportunity I brought to her, asked what about my time and capacity to do some research and prep work, and then gave me very doable suggestions.

I got her advice on crafting a LinkedIn post, how to engage on social media in advance of the event, and how to use all that I’d done to develop content with post-event reflections. She zeros in, has deep insight on opportunity, understands how much work I can put in and makes it a doable – and energizing – task.

I went into the event with a much more strategic mindset and saw the enduring mindset shift of engagement she helped catalyze. Other people have said it before me, but her insights and understanding of the media and corporate sustainability storytelling map are game-changers. In one hour.

– Danielle Decatur, Director of Environmental Justice, Microsoft 

Receive Real-time Climate Media Tips

After years of monitoring climate and sustainability media, I’m now offering a new tips service. You pay nothing until after I contact you about an opportunity and you decide you’re in. I’ll share that I have a hot tip in a specific sector with everyone on the list for that specific sector, but the tip will only go to the first person who responds and makes payment.

Why Work With Me?

I have deep DM-able networks with the media covering food systems/agriculture, transportation/mobility, affordable housing, clean energy, cultural influence, and policy.

I continually monitor and understand the strongest impact narrative for these topics and have deep insight into how your product/service can fit.

Read more about me here.

How it Works

  • When I see an opportunity in your preferred sector, I’ll email you.
  • If you are interested in pursuing the opportunity, I’ll send the invoice and schedule the call ASAP.
  • On that call, I’ll give you all sorts of insights and guidance for engaging with the appropriate journalist.

I’m open to discussing a regular retainer to advise you directly on emerging opportunities.

Fill out the form, and you’ll be on my list.
There’s no obligation until you see an opportunity you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, I do not execute the work for you. I shift your mindset and spark new levels of thinking with a super strategic plan using my expertise and connections in corporations and the industry.

Yes! I do not have a team, but I do have a great list of partners in social media, content development, podcast strategy, and the like that I can share with clients.

I am not a PR firm. You likely already have one. But, in a one-hour session, I can guide you to the one or two key media folks for you to target and help you develop a deeper, more intentional, relationship-building strategy for a very specific activation.

It depends on what you need. We start with individual one-hour sessions, where I provide you with insight and a high-level strategy. Most clients take the strategy, integrate it, and return in 1-2 months for another clarity-catalyzing session. If you need a retainer to advise you regularly, we can discuss that. 

Have more questions?

What Clients Say

Success Stories in Guiding & Amplifying Bold Leaders

In 2022, I had the privilege of facilitating two remarkable breakthroughs in climate action.

Food systems transition is one of the areas in which I have history, understanding, and networks. 

Connecting climate, food policy and media

In one instance, I helped a federal lawmaker see the connection between climate policy and food policy, which was later featured in a mainstream business publication.

Opening door to private COP27 event

In another case, I used my networks to secure an invitation for a corporate leader to a high-level, closed-door food systems transition event at COP27.

Success came from my unique perspective on climate influence and my ability to identify opportunities that benefit everyone involved. 

Garnering Fast Company “creative business” coverage

A regionally recognized green building client was seeking more national media attention, so I reached out to a Fast Company writer I knew personally to recommend my client for a “most creative business person” story. To our delight, my client was featured in the article. I take pride in being a trusted source for delivering solid and impactful ideas to the media.

Building quick, global recognition for new NGOs

In two cases, I started working with NGOs on building national and global leadership presence before their websites were even up. By understanding the media coverage in those sectors and how they look for sources and stories related to upcoming sector events, I wove social media presence and content advice to get them into their targeted spheres of influence.

Learn how I can help you.

Listen to how leaders like you are living change to create climate impact in their sector.