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Leverage #COP26 Twitter BETTER (fast), Climate Communicators

We’re in a climate moment, folks. If you’ve been thinking that your Twitter platform is not worth developing, let COP26 preparation be your mind-changer. 

From the real-time, rapid changes and behind the scenes finagling of decision-makers, to the unbelievable number of organizations and leaders wanting to be seen on stage or in media coverage, COP26 social engagement is about leader-to-leader signaling. Are you ready to do your influencer part? Would there be value in not wasting time on that platform this time around?

Here’s a call to action: You’ve got a few weeks. You actually *can* make a difference if you more intentionally approach this platform.

I’ve been behind the scenes building climate-focused leadership platforms (for NGOs and corporate clients), using Twitter as a key tool, since COP21. I’ve developed Twitter handles with high value followers and no affiliated website from week one. I’ve helped organizations who didn’t know the corporate sustainability space well, or understand how to align with global climate stories, dig right in and make their climate announcements ring. I’ve helped get clients on the radar of key media with just 30 days before a milestone event. (See my LinkedIn recommendations.)

It’s very rewarding and very doable, but it’s not something that can be templated. It takes a few customized tips that speak specifically to things like how you should manage your “pinned tweet” for most impact, how to use hashtags that bridge your organization to *the* news topics, and how more intentional quote tweeting can earn you extra thanks and appreciative follows (among many more). 

How on earth can YOUR tweeting get seen in the frantic COP26 streams? I have simple strategies.

I never saw it coming, but Twitter naturally aligns with my particular reading, monitoring, journalist-appreciating, cheering on and community-engaging predilections.  If even a handful more leaders or organizations leverage this awareness-raising power tool in this dire climate moment, the impact would be significant.

Beware: Twitter is *not* the same as all of your other social platforms, so, my top, perhaps counterintuitive, tip is: don’t waste time on Twitter at all if you can’t tend it with strategic intention.

Or, you can get help. That’s why I’m here – to jumpstart the smart Twitter advantage that leaders, corporations and nonprofit communications, partner development  professionals can take along with them to the virtual climate action dais.  

To be clear: this is not about rapidly gaining bazillions of followers just because. This is about you thinking “in a dream world, we’d be able to informally DM with this journalist, that academic, or that potential partner” and aiming for it. It’s about warming connections because you know you’ll have reason to activate them for all the climate events to come (and they’ll only get more dire).

To influence climate discussions we have to build and amplify our own climate influence (before we need it).

Let’s do this. Even at this late date, you’d likely highly value a bit more expertise in your approach.

A 30-minute coaching session, right now, will energize, guide and jumpstart your smarter use of this tool for leader-to-leader and media relationships in ways you can put to use immediately.  Find a spot on my coaching calendar here: