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ShiftUp Podcast #Bikes4Climate Conversation


Arleigh Greenwald’s Shift Up Podcast is a real gem for the bike advocacy world, as well as the now buzzing eBike, bikeshare, transportation and mobility industries. She’s got such incredible knowledge,  perspective and hope. (SUBSCRIBE – you won’t be sorry). So, it was great to join her recently for a conversation on my deep passion around #bikes4climate .

But I don’t have rose colored climate action glasses, people. While I see #bikes4climate as a corporate communications and city leadership rallying cry, I do realize that climate action, as such, doesn’t necessarily motivate anyone to buy a bike or join bikeshare on its own.

That said, here’s the connection:

The B2C message of #Bikes4All can drive the B2B call for #Bikes4Climate.  Imagine what would happen if corporate and local government support and celebration of bikes ALIGNED with the concept of bikes for all (inclusive of size, shape, skin color, sexual preferences, gender identity, etc.).

Getting more people to enjoy the freedom, health benefits and inner city decongestion possibilities of riding bikes for short trips and/or commutes is a low-hanging, carbon emission lowering, fruit. The solution IS HERE and those of us who’ve been in on it for years/decades must talk more loudly about why we are so committed and how riding a bike has simply enhanced our lives. Then, we need to nudge our corporate employers about bike facilities, city infrastructure safety, how products get delivered, and much more.  Loudly encourage our city’s employers and climate leaders to collaborate for the collective clean air future we need.

Back to the podcast episode: If you do listen, please let me know what you think and/or tweet it, including a tag for @bikeshopgirlcom , so she can see your “love” too.

And, definitely keep me posted if YOUR company or city is up to interesting alignment on this front. I’m developing a “name and fame” series of articles for early 2019.