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Building Global Community Around Music and Social Impact

If you follow me on Twitter, you have a sense of how passionate I can get about a variety of topics. But, for those of you who aren’t (yet!) on Twitter, this is the first entry in what will now be my “micro-blog” posts about the inspiring things I am working on or reading about – OR the topics that are simply on my radar in the (mainly) climate action and social impact realm.  

I’ve been a member of KEXP’s International Clash Day planning team for about a year now, and the annual February 7th event did not disappoint. What blew me away, beyond the dedication and passion of all those behind the scenes, was the same thing that has struck me in all that this arts nonprofit does: there is so much power in knowing how to authentically build community engagement, and then, in being able to effectively leverage it for even greater good.

International Clash Day was about the music of The Clash – yes – but, even more importantly, it was about finding and amplifying global solidarity behind the human rights message for which the band is known.

Even the smallest nonprofit can expand its reach and influence using digital tools. MUCH can be learned from this KEXP case study.

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Visit the site:

March 2018 Cause Talk Radio interview with KEXP’s Dashel Schueler about nonprofit community engagement and the impact of International Clash Day.


Image credit: That’s me in the London Calling album set up (created by Publicis Seattle ) , via the VERY fun Snap Bar photo booth that was, like so much else, donated for the Clash Cover Night party.