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Forces Collide In Business and Sustainability


Who would have thought:

In just the first hours of my morning today, I found myself noticing these connections (with the help of Twitter) and celebrating that this is the new world of business.

All bets are off. If ever you’ve thought “I’ve got to open up my business perspective,” now is the time. Just LOOK UP and you’ll see cross-industry trends and news coming from a wide range of sources that may well apply or at least inspire you to innovate or collaborate in your own world. “Witnessing” collisions like these can keep you excited about learning and growing – no matter what you do.

One of the reasons I love being in the sustainability world is that you never know how ideas, issues or people will connect.  But, do they ever – and in ways that probably shouldn’t be that surprising. We all get too busy focusing on our own little worlds to notice them. But, look out…

Sustainability is just about to hit you. And, it’s time to embrace the pending collision.

*The writer of this piece is a friend.
**This builder, who chooses his own blog post topics, is a client.


Special thanks to ManavGupta for use of the image.