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Sustainable B2B and the Opportunity of Social Business

According to Adweek, new research shows that B2B brands are lagging behind B2C brands when it comes to the smart use of social media. So, it might well be our little secret as sustainable business professionals to jump in and show ’em how it’s done. What an opportunity!

…for developing thought leadership.
…for humanizing complex topics.
…for curating the amazing amount of great sustainability content from others that exists.
…for (like the traditional brands mentioned in the Adweek piece) leveraging typically B2C strategies in the name of movement scale change (and triple bottom line business results).

Brands like Patagonia (94K Twitter followers) and Unilever (29K Twitter followers) use social channels for both sharing thought leadership (B2B) and consumer engagement (B2C) in their respective industries.  They’ve cast a wider net to reach many more people with their processes, failures, community stories and successes.

What knowledge do you have to add to such a sustainability knowledge base? Now’s the time.