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Game-changers for Sustainable Business Education? Coursera and edX

We are living in history-making times.  Thanks to “edtech” partnerships like Coursera and edX, free, world-class university courses in a wide range of topics are now offered online.  And, the potential for educating people in the ways of more sustainable business thinking (among many other topics) – and for students at any level – is incredible!

So, let my lastest HuffingtonPost piece serve as a call to action.  Will your alma mater jump in to start helping future generations of business leaders see through a more sustainable lens?  Here’s hoping, and here’s an excerpt:

What would happen if more people, not just the usual (privileged) suspects, had access to the theory, concepts and best practices that could help them become the sustainability change agents or leaders in their respective workplaces? If the finest of sustainable business and corporate social responsibility-related courses were offered free through these new online ventures, students could more easily gain new tools and perspective, and begin to re-shape the way their employers deal with today’s natural resource and social responsibility challenges.