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Better CSR Comes from More Relational Traits

In Part 2 of my SustainableBusinessForum piece, More Women, Better CSR, I point out that what women bring to the corporate leadership “table” is practice and comfort using their relational traits.  I see huge potential in recognizing that and developing strategies for nurturing – in everyone – the types of thinking that emphasize (and reward!) the relational.

Here’s an excerpt:

CSR reflects the integration of values and social engagement into what is known – traditional ways of doing business.  In other words, the relational lends purpose to the straightforward.  Without the relational perspective, the status of business will remain “quo,” which is clearly unacceptable.

In this post, I point to Iain McGilchrist’s book about “the divided brain,” The Master and His Emissary.  It may interest you, as well, if you’d like a deeper look at the interplay of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

McGilchrist writes that the right hemisphere directs our attention to what is “new” or coming at us from the edges of our awareness.  The right hemisphere alone can bring us something other than what we know, while the left hemisphere prefers what is known.  The right hemisphere is more capable of a frame shift, while denial and certainty are a left hemisphere specialty…and so on.