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Could Sustainability Finally “De-Gender” Business?

If you were ever knee deep in research about traditional business leadership traits and sustainability leadership, like I am due to my Master’s thesis work, you’d see the very clear connection between the two.  Being a forward or future-oriented thinker, and being able to see issues as interconnected, in a more holistic manner, are two that align very nicely.  But, what all this has to do with leadership traits that have long been “gendered” is what excites me.  Sustainable business could finally force the issue.

I could go on and on.  But, for now, I’ll leave it in the words of my latest contribution to HuffingtonPost. It might get you thinking a bit.

Here’s an excerpt:

When we realize our cultural impulse is dead wrong, and that gender differences may in fact be more a matter of socialization, we win. According to Kimmel, “Biology provides the raw materials, whereas society and history provide the context, the instruction manual, that we follow to construct our identities.” With regard to sustainability, take note of that word “context.” It will be from an ability to see the text, or linear perspective, as well as the context, or more holistic view, that leaders as people and as organizations will advance and thrive.


2011 could be a VERY good year…